taxing-solutionsThe preparation of personal and corporation tax returns are becoming more and more complex as a result of the constant changes and amendments of the tax rules imposed by the Canadian Government. This could sometimes be difficult for individuals and business owners to keep up with while managing their businesses. Thinking Tree allows you to stay focused on growing your business while we keep us up-to-date for you.

With our strong emphasis on taxation, we work hard at minimizing your tax liabilities leaving you with more of your money in your bank account where it belongs. We handle the full range of tax compliance obligations, including deceased taxpayers returns.


We prepare T2 federal and AT1 corporate tax return, and electronically file the T2 returns, for small businesses. Most of our clients are using our accounting and book keeping services as well, however for businesses that prepare their books in house we can prepare and file their corporate tax returns.


We provide professional personal income tax services and can handle more complicated returns which include capital gains, business statements, rental properties, investment income, etc. To ensure fast refunds, paperless filing, accurate returns and faster processing